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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning, and welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a moment. first let's look outside with meteorologist lowell melzer. >> fall is in the air. >> fall is definitely in the air. you needed a jacket to come in. >> i hate this. >> i am in your boat. i like the warm weather. >> winter is coming. >> i got blasted on winter and facebook because there are a lot of people that like the fall. >> yes, but a lot of people can stay home. >> it is different for us, because we know snow patrol is right around the corner. >> we start buying our gloves and hats now. >> it is going to be probably, you know, 60, 65, 66 degrees. you will need a little bit of a jacket.
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which is unfortunate because it is still summer, and technically on the calendar it is still summer. shouldn't need a jacket in summer. that's just my opinion. doppler showing high cloud cover. don't be afraid of those blips in light blue. no rain falling there. i just ate a pistacio. b.w.i., 52 degrees. 86% humidity. barometer calm at 30.64. 60 degrees. your complete insta-weather plus forecast and get a drink of water. don't eat pistacios before you go on the air. that is the lesson of the day. >> that lowell, he's a nut. >> on to our big story this morning. national transportation safety board are trying to figure out why a plane crashed at an air
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show in reno. three people were killed and more than 60 peck stateors injured. >> thousands of people were in the crowd. it was a horeisk scene. -- horrific scene. >> it seemed to go out of control. it pitched upward and looped back up over the crowd. which they do when there is a mayday. a lot of these guys pull oufment they pull up. he pulled up, and he went straight up, rolled, and then it nosed over and was coming straight down at our box. we were just watching the prop come down at us. deciding whether we should run or stay there. the plot regained some control, saw the plane nose up a little bit, and everyone was saying, uh-oh. he went down, down, down and it exploded. we watched the plane come down 60 feet from us into the front row boxes.
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it is so tragic, it shook everybody up. >> do you get the impression he was trig to steer away from the crowd? >> i think so. i think the pilot is a hero. he had to be fighting those controls. >> police in prince george's county continue to piece together og -- 19-year-old alexis simpson is charged with assault of 18-year-old dominick frasier. investigators believe the roommates may have been fighting over an ipod. >> i find it sad. from what i heard, it was over an ipod. i find it sad. i pray for her family. >> i didn't expect anything like this to happen here. everybody is supposed to get along with each other. this is a big shock to all of us.
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>> simpson is being held at the prince george's county detension center without bond. >> a woman says she woke up to a strange man in her bed. prince george's county police are investigating a potential third incident nearby. that story from college park. >> it happened between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. as students get ready to start their weekend, a string of off-campus sex offenses has some of them rethinking their safety. >> it makes everyone more hesitant about being willing to talk to people. we have been told we live in a house together, and we are told, be sure you know who you are opening the door to. >> women woke up to a strange man fond ling them in their beds. >> it is kind of unsettling to
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find another person, a stranger in your bed while you're sleeping. it is like -- you are very vulnerable when you sleep. >> one on college avenue and police are looking into a potential third incident ornery ri avenue. each happened thursday morning, and there was no forced entry to the home. >> we have not gotten any definitive descriptions of the suspect. they did put a video out. they are hoping someone can come forward that can identify this person. >> campus police say the man in this surveillance video is a person of interest. although folks don't know who the culprit is, his nickname is well known around campus. >> the thing is ju just read about it, i am scared. >> we don't believe this is a serial issue. again, as they said, this all occurred in one night. we have not had any issue since.
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we have had patrols, we have had officers conducting surveillance out here. >> apparently the victims were not alone during these alleged attacks. one woman's roommate was in the same room with her and another woman's boyfriend was actually in the same bed during the attack. >> a security breach at good samaritan hospital is prompting an investigation after someone stole information. how the suspect -- kai reed with how the suspect got away with the crime. >> investigators say the suspect posed as a vendor to get inside and then took x-rays and m.r.i.'s. according to hospital officials, the films were more than five years old and had been put aside to be destroyed or recycled. >> it appears he did this by misrepresenting himself as the vendor responsible for the disposing of those items.
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>> good samaritan is working with baltimore city police. a statement released by hospital officials suggests -- [technical difficulties] >> sorry about that. we'll bring you the rest of that story later in our newscast. while police say they are aware of similar attempts to steal and sell silver, they are not aware of any prior cases here locally. >> the time is 6:08. 65 degrees on tv hill. what are your grandparents doing when no one is around? coming up, a video that turned a senior couple into a youtube sensation. >> i heard about this. and as we clean up from one tropical storm and a hurricane, parts of the country have historic drought conditions. we'll tell you about that. >> and it is chilly this morning. lowell will tell us how long the fall temperatures are stick
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>> well, taking a look outside right now, b.w.i. is 52 degrees. inner harbor 60. winds are relatively calm, and the pressure continues to rise. now at 30.34. so some very dry air aloft.
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we're also seeing some spotty showers, thanks to an upper level disturbance that's here down in the virginia beach, outer banks area that is unfortunately going to bring grief to those in ocean city. you are seeing a couple little stray greens going through the area right now. that's nothing to worry about. stuff not hitting the ground. i will say if you are heading out to play golf or doing some activity that will require you to be outside for some extended period of time, you might want to bring an umbrella just in case. there is a chance you could get a stray shower. it is nothing that will last, but better safe than sorry. no rain in the forecast. as far as current temperatures right now around the rest of the area, ninks things are looking pretty decent for fall. not for summer 53 at edgewood. 54 in college park. low 40's in frostburg. 43 degrees.
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it is still summer according to the calendar. as far as the rest of the day is concerned, still cool. mostly cloudy. no rain in the forecast for the greater baltimore area. however, with that upper level disturbance we're seeing south of ocean city, that's going to churn all day and tomorrow and bring a wet weekend to those vacationing in ocean city right now. current weather shows a disturbance to the south of us. we are under cloudy skies and will remain that way. this is what's left of the front moving through our area leaving behind it a tremendous amount of high pressure from northwestern canada, and behind that was chilly air that managed to warm up before it got to us. you can imagine how cold it was before seeing temperatures in the low to mid 40's as lows. futurecast shows all that cloudy activity stopped around 6:00. you can see clouds are starting to dissipate, but i think we'll
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stay mostly cloudy into the evening hours and start clearing up, and then tomorrow morning you will see this band of showers here. i think it is possible in the morning, but that will give way to mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies. folks heading out into the bay, there is a small craft advisory. that has been extended through sunday morning. be careful if you are heading out tonight. east winds, 49 to 52 degrees will be your temperature. so you will need a jacket. if you are heading out to nashville for the ravens game, they are looking at pretty good weather. 77 to 82 degrees. i wish we had that here. if you are watching it on your couch, we will be in the mid to upper 60's. as far as the seven-day is concerned, 68, 69 on sunday. we get a little warmer as the week goes on, and then there say disturbance we're watching out in the far west.
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a front will move through probably around thursday. that's pretty much our best chance for rain. temperatures will top out around 77 degrees. we'll get another blast of cool air on friday. >> it is hard to believe after all the rain we had here in the east coast that parts of the midwest are going through a severe drought. >> early estimates of agricultural losses, texas, kansas, and oklahoma combine for more than $8 billion, and that figure apparently is expected to rise. chris clackum has more. >> there is no green, green grass of home in texas. and for phil sadler, it is hard to imagine this drought getting worse. >> it is sad. when we sit around the table at dinner, there are not a lot of jokes. >> the country's mid-section
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will stay dry until next year. >> we need 20 inches of rain to turn it around. and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. >> p large parts of texas are in drought, devastating the cattle industry. >> the worst cash losses of record and we're facing the worst wildfire season in the history of the lone star state. >> the drought is fueling 50 new wild fires a day in texas. a map shows oklahoma, texas, and much of the southeast suffering through it, too. but states unaffected for now are offering help, like arkansas hay-grower jamie styles. >> what you hear from people is really -- he said it is like a horror movie. it is really bad. >> the rest of the country will soon be contributing through higher prices at the grocery store because sadler says he has
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no other choice. >> we're not looking at probability, we're looking at survivability. >> chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, a mosquito outbreak in los angeles causing panic. >> and a rate hike. details in consumer alert. >> plus the recent crash of target's web site may be a target's web site may be a lesson learned at
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everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. target's web site may be a lesson learned at and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. mississippi has wonderful people, great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat.
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shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled. >> in consumer alert, netflix change in subscription policies. the company cut its subscribers to 24 million. that's fewer than predicted they would have. this month netfelix separated
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its video streaming and mail delivery, forcing each customer to pay for services separately. >> anxious hackers crashed its web site. as chris clackum explains, there are important lessons to be learned from the situation. >> to review, target shoppers went earlier this week to get spectacular bargains from popular italian designer mizonni only to leave empty handed. >> the house wares, the clothing, kids stuff, gone. >> shoppers found an apology from the crash from high traffic. >> we hoped to be open three days, and we shut down in six hours. it truly is mayhem. >> analysts say this should be viewed as a preview of what's to come as we approach the holiday shopping season. >> if you radical little want -- if you really want something,
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you have to assume it is going to be gone and plan accordingly. >> consider the mad dash for the toy your child must have for christmas. are there ways to beat even the internet crowd? absolutely, starting with early hour shopping. >> 5:00, 6:00 a.m. if you are awake that early, you might be able to get on before there are problems. >> she suggests using your smart phone to access a retailer's web site. >> you are technically accessing a different site than you would be if you were accessing it from a computer. >> and she says most retailers still offer the somewhat old-fashioned option of placing an order by phone. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> too much work. >> experts say the products were purchased on targets -- target's web site by scalpers. >> up next, meet the elderly
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couple that became a youtube hit by accidentally recording themselves using aebcam. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> with the accidental click of a mouse, two oregon seniors accidentally recorded themselves, and it ends up on youtube. it is one of the funniest things
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we've seen in a while, and it is real. >> ester and bruce had no idea what they would be doing inside this home would be seen around the world. [burping] >> pardon me. >> they were at this desk. >> i haven't done it since. i don't know what i did. >> now a close friend is taking their calls from the phone that won't stop ringing all because -- >> oh, shucks he and i don't do well with these things. >> they unknowingly recorded themselves. >> i look tearible chewing gum. so mean and stern. >> so while she's fooling around, i'm -- >> goofing off.
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[laughing] >> they are seven years into their marriage. both were wid owed after each were married nearly 50 years. one of their 14 grand kids saw this clip, and post td under "web cam 101 for seniors." ever since, everybody wants to interview them. they have become an internet sensation. they say they are happy the clip is making people laugh. >> ♪ blue skies smiling at me nothing but blue skies do i see ♪ >> it shows us how we really are when no one is looking. >> did it capture? >> i like that. yeah, apparently it did. they have a good sense of humor. if you vice president seen the full video, you can watch it on our web site at click on "video. >> it makes me wonder all the
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times i accidentally put myself on camera, where is it really going? i'm concerned. 6:26. 56 degrees on tv hill. >> coming up, an air show crash that killed three and injured dozens. we head to nevada for the latest. >> and the f.b.i. investigates a class-action lawsuit against against kennedy-krieger institute. >> and spotty showers but nothing to worry about. the insta-weather plus forecast in just a couple minutes. inside inside
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> let's go first to our top stories with lowell. >> need a jacket today. >> you know what's funny? i live in canton and i could hear some air conditioners running this morning. it was the compessors running. >> some people like it hot. >> you mean cool. their air conditioner is running and it is 47 degrees outside. >> see, i'm thinking i don't want fall to come. i like it hot. >> the calendar says it is summer. >> my brain is fried. >> it is a weird weather day.
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-- a weird weather year. too much of it, i'm saying. speaking of rain, there is a low-level disturbance messing around with areas of ocean city. that unfortunately is going to churn up into the ocean city area and possibly points around indianapolis. -- around annapolis. things are looking good grazz rain -- things looking good as far as rain. heading over to the inner harbor, 60 degrees. we'll top out at 68. a little chillier in some of the surrounding suburbs. as far as those chane rain chances for the area, we have them at zero%. however, will is a chance with some clouds rolling there, there could be a sprinkle here and there, but it won't ruin any weekend plans. i'll have more on your forecast
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coming up in a couple minutes. >> our big story this morning, national transportation safety investigators are trying to figure out how an airplane crashed in reno. >> thousands of people were actually in the crowd at the time when they witnessed this crash. it was a horrific scene. stephanie assistanton takes us there. -- stephanie stanton takes us there. >> this plane crashed into a crowd seated in front of the grandstand. then tragedy. >> he went straight up, rolled over, and was coming down at our box. >> a photographer captured the moment just before impact. the vintage world war ii fighter plane disintegrated as it struck the ground. >> as it turned over in front of
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the grandstand and did a nose dive and went straight down. we saw everything. the plane just flattened into the box seats. >> the plane, a p-51 mustang, and the pilot, 74-year-old jimmy leeward were featured thursday on life tv. >> right now we've calculated we're as fast as anybody in the field. >> there are early indications that the plane had mechanical problems and leeward was pulling out of the race when he spenced mechanical problems. >> there appeared to be a problem with the aircraft that caused it to doubt go out of the control. >> do you get the impression there was a problem with the aircraft? >> i think so p i think the pilot is a hero. he had to be fighting those controls. >> many of the injured were hit by debris from the plane. >> we're all devastated by this tragedy. >> a tragedy the ntsb is now investigating.
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>> here's a look at some of our other top stories this morning. prince george's county police investigating another sexual assault incident. a woman awoke to an unknown man touching her inappropriately. it happened september 9 at an apartment near the university of maryland college park campus. this is the second report of such an incident. police say they are also investigating a possible third. >> a man in custody in the stabbing death of a 91-year-old woman. family members found the body of irene logan back on august 4. 45-year-old anthony robinson has been charged with her murder. police found several of the victim's belongings inside her 30th street home. detectives believe the case could be a random crime. >> the search is on this morning for the person who attacked a man with a machete. baltimore police were called to the 6500 block of reisterstown road. we were told two men were
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arguing when one attacked the other with a machete. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> a class-action lawsuit claims kennedy krieger enticed dozens to living in lead-tainted buildings. the institute said the study improved the safety of those children while leading to scapt reform. >> the class-action lawsuit alleges that kennedy krieger arranged to get david armstrong, 3 years old, into this building. he was tested for high levels of lead. his family sought hem from kennedy krieger. this house had only partial lead paint abatement done. kennedy krieger told the family david would be part of a two-year research prodge he can.
6:35 am
-- project. the lawsuit says the purpose was to determine the varying degrees of lead paint apatement. the suit states the hospital used as many as 100 children as guinea pigs. that's the institute enticed them to live in lead-painted housing to test the success of lead abatement measures. it alleges a racial bias as well. saying kennedy krieger only many selected low-income families for the study. dr. gary goldstein said "research was conducted for the best interests of all." he says the study points that lead went down due to the study. 25 years ago low-income housing was filled with lead.
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21% of the children suffered from lead poisoning. the highest in the country. kennedy krieger moved 100 families where there was house wg high levels of lead to homes with much lower levels of lead. the two-year, federally funded study, found landlords and building owners could make improves to their properties to reduce lead. dr. goldstein says, "we have a great concern for the families affected by the scourge of lead poisoning and stepped in to help them in their time of need. the lawyers have wrongly placed blame on our institute. we are confident this will come to light when the facts are presented." david david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> david says no dollar amount is spelled out in the lawsuit. some credit the law to a 93% drop in lead poisoning in baltimore city. >> more than a decade since the
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last sighting of the tiger mosquito. >> we're told their bite can lead to a deadly disease. culling up, how residents in california are preparing for the tiger mosquito outbreak. >> shower activity moving through the west virginia and virginia mountains. i don't think it is any danger to us, though. i tell you where it is going to be wet this weekend coming up in
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>> chilly morning today. probably need a jacket if you are heading out for whatever you are going to do on this lovely day. h.d. doppler is showing shower activity starting to build
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through west virginia and northern virginia there. i think once these pass over the mountains, they should dry out. however, i'm going to say this. there is a slight chance that once this system makes its way through, we could get a little sprinkle here and there throughout the greater baltimore area. also folks down in ocean city were monitoring this little low pressure system here that's going to keep churning throughout the weekend and unfortunately will probably bring wet weather to folks out there in ocean city. >> taking a look at some of the temperatures around town right now, we'll first look at our almanac. b.w.i. marshall was at 65. 68 over at the inner har bow. normal temperature, 78 degrees. so a little below normal. it is summer, isn't it? i have to check something here, because my computer is not doing what i want it to do. so i'm just going to clip something here, and there we go. all right. have to reset.
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hit the reset button. >> like falling. >> you get to throw the wrong frame, fix the score. 60 degrees at baltimore. 60 in annapolis. we head out west, we're talking about rain showers moving through. 43 in frostburg. as far as today's forecast is concerned, mostly cloudy skies, still cool. winds out of the east-northeast. temperatures anywhere from 64 to 68 degrees. cooler in the suburbs. current weather right now shows that high cloud cover. i'm afraid that might skip through here. i'm not worried about that. it is not going to ruin your weekend plans. all of this falling on the back end of this stationary front that's caused an upper many level disturbance south of ocean city which is going to bring them showers on and off throughout the weekend. i'm sorry to spoil your weekend plans. high pressure dominates the
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entire portion of the midwest, upper midwest into the upper mid-atlantic region. dry weather there with a couple of those spotty showers that are trying to make their way through. if you are heading out onto the town this evening, going to need that jacket again. mostly cloudy skies. brisk with a breeze. east winds. 10 to 15 miles per hour. if are you heading down to nashville for the ravens game, good football weather. 77 to 82 with a chance of a thunderstorm. as far as your seven-day is concerned, 68 today, 69 on sunday. we get back into the 70's on monday and tuesday and another system starts moving through wednesday and thursday with our best chance for some pretty good thunderstorms on thursday there. temperatures will top out at 77 degrees. once that system moves through, we're back into the 60's. >> the asian tiger mosquito is tiny but its bite means serious diseases. >> it hasn't been spotted in
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california for about a decade until this week. kristen dahlgren takes us to l.a. where there is an all-out effort at best control. >> in the los angeles suburb of el monte, it is hand-to-hand combat. the enemy, a tiny mosquito. if spread, it could bring big problems. >> the itch was terrible. >> asian tiger mow mosquitoes are named for their distinctive black and white markings. about half the size of regular mow mosquitoes, they travensmit things a regular mosquito can't, things like yellow fever. >> the potential for an outbreak is high. >> when el monte started reporting the blood-suckers, health officials expected the
6:44 am
worst. it is unclear how they got here. since they were first here in 1985, they spread through the southeast causing outbreaks in florida and hawaii. hore than 1,000 people are infected with denge every year. in pakistan current outbreaks are proving deadly. with the centers for disease control predicting an increase in den depfment e in the u.s., the battle to stop the spread. >> our focus is to eradicate. >> leaving em monte in what they hope is a fight to the fippish. >> and stay with us. 11 fitness coming up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> and welcome back. it is time for 11 fitness. charles harris joins us with his fitness model, tamika, demonstrating sports agility in home fitness. >> yes. >> tell us what you are doing here. >> this is really building speed, quick feet. can you actually get a ladder from the sports stores now, put this in your basement, probably
6:48 am
ideal in a grassy field. is pretty much going to build your speed, agility, and balance. >> get your heart rate up. >> yes. now you are doing some box squats. you don't need a ladder to do all this stuff, but it helps you hitting your target point, and working your hand, eye, and feet coordination. >> now the mommy in me sees hopscotch. so i'm thinking sidewalk chalk. you could do this with sidewalk chalk. >> yes. >> you are hold be a four-pound medicine ball? >> yes. >> still coordinator nate nation. happened-to-eye feet coordination. it makes working out and exercise fun instead of lifting weights all the time. a great way to do cardiovass car training training instead of running miles and miles and miles. >> so this is one leg working the quads and the calf muscles,
6:49 am
ham strings. she's working on core. >> and balance as well. >> once again using an agility ladder. once again, making it fun. >> and her back is really straight. >> yes. she's very fit. >> all right. >> g.i. jane is in the house. >> she can go very far down. i'm going to get out of tamika's way w now still using the ajilt ladder to gauge how far she needs to go. ordinarily i would be standing on her back. >> really? >> we always do extreme exercise when we come. >> look how nice her back looks, too. >> good core exercise, triceps.
6:50 am
body is straight. >> i think you were just feeling tired today, and that's why you wanted tamika to do it. i know during the break you were doing something kind of fun, too, you were doing backward jumps. >> this is something everybody can do. your kids can do did, too. >> we can do back. this is working some ham strings. >> if you would like to get in touch with charles, check out his web site at great job not falling off the stage. we'll have another look at your weekend forecast when we come om
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>> the ravens head to nashville, getting ready for sunday's game with the tennessee tightans. if they show the same offensive balance we saw in week one hard to see anything other than a ravens win comsunday afternoon. let's look at what they did. it is the kind of balance ravens fans have clamored for all these years. the offensive coordinator dialed back the gameplan. putting his stars in position to make plays.
6:54 am
it may have been the finest game called in baltimore, but to hear cam describe it, he's lucky to have a job. >> there was really no great call in that game. there was great discussion u execution in that game. probably there were two or three bad calls in that game that the guys executed and made work. so together i don't think it will be the call or just the discussion, it is a combination of the two, but discussion will override a call every time. >> cam, you are not being criticized. enjoy it. >> edmonson. they toss 26 yards for the red storm. finishes off the drive. nice balance there. 7-yard touchdown. lost behind the line. buys time. airs out the jaleel sass infrastructure -- st. assafras.
6:55 am
edmonton moves to 3-0 on the season. >> last night, number 8. alex ovechkin. the super star kind of fun to see. top of the first, matt engle. insurance sfr state farm after a play like this. a great catch by matt engle. a great way to start the game. a 2-0 lead. two on, two out. seven shutout innings. bottom six. nolan reimold. making sure no one runs into each other. no need to. it's in the stands. that made it 8-0. three in the ninth. otherwise -- they get the win by the final of 8-3. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. have a great day.
6:56 am
>> you know, the weather will be nice for the wine festival in carroll county today. >> today. >> that's where she's going. >> yes. >> i hope it is nice. it is going to be cloudy. there are actually a couple showers i was watching coming through the western mountains. there is a chance -- >> it is starting to pop up on the radar. so the majority of us, though, mostly cloudy still cool. winds out of the east-northeast. taking a look at our seven-day forecast, fall temperatures stay with us through sunday, and things start to warm up with a chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures in the 70's, another system moves through on friday, temperatures back into the 60's. >> thanks, lowell. thank you for watching. >> the "today he show "next. we're back in 25 minutes.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> with an overwhelming democratic primary win on tuesday night, stephanie rawlings-blake is in her own right mayor of baltimore city. the november general election is expected to be decided by the majority democratic electorate. the position is after the resignation of she'llia dixon, blake won 52% of the vote, an
6:58 am
endorsement by the city voters on the work she's done since taking office in february 2010. under difficult circumstances she took over leadership of our city and has since navigated everything from blizzards to a sagging economy. with record low turnout, the lackluster enthusiasm toward voting is a reminder of the apathy that remains in our country. as 2012 approaches and we gear up to a congressional race, we would encourage everyone 18 and over to vote. if you are already registered, make sure you know where your precct is located. make plans to vote. wbal is committed to discussion and debate. with our commitment 2012, our part is to make maryland aware of the constituents. that's our part. now it is time for the voters to do theirs. for more political coverage onlog on to
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